Detail Tour: My Son and Beyond
My Son and Beyond
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Tour Code: T-6
  • Description: Spice up your tour to the UNESCO World Heritage listed My Son with a journey through the beautiful Thu Bon Delta region. The tour will have you experiencing ...
  • Tour Category: 1 day tour

Spice up your tour to the UNESCO World Heritage listed My Son with a journey through the beautiful Thu Bon Delta region. The tour will have you experiencing not only well known historical sites, but also some that are off the beaten track and rarely visited by tourists. This tour offers unique insights into Vietnam’s beautiful Quang Nam province and the lives of its people.

Our restored US Jeeps take you off the beaten track and beyond! Thought all temple tours were the same? Well think again. This Hoi An Motorbike Adventures Jeep trip turns a potentially dull excursion into an unforgettable outing.

In a fully-refurbished classic Jeep, we set off from Hoi An toward the ruins of My Son. Thanks to 4 wheel-drive, we leave the main road behind and follow quiet rural lane-ways out of Hoi An and into the heart of the Vietnam countryside. We pass through farms, villages and ‘middle of nowhere’ places all the while enjoying the fresh air and spectacular views that only come from travelling in a Jeep. We’ll raise a few eyebrows from curious locals and stop as often as we like for photos- a privilege afforded only to those in private, off-road vehicles.
We reach My Son in the late morning hours, as the tour buses are leaving. We’ll stop for lunch in a local restaurant and then set off on foot amid the My Son ruins. These 8th century Cham Towers are impressive and, with our timing, we should have them mostly to ourselves. Venture around the paths, visiting the numerous ruins and soaking in the mystic atmosphere of this historic site.

Mid afternoon we begin our drive back to Hoi An along a different road that runs parallel to the Thu Bon River. The afternoon light casts a different hue on the farms, water and roads, great for photos or as a scenic backdrop for the Jeep ride. All good things must come to an end however, and we’ll reach Hoi An just in time for a sunset cocktail to celebrate the days adventure.

You can either ride yourself ( Choose between Motorbike or semi-auto scooter ) or sit on the back with one of our experienced drivers.

Person 1 Person 2 Person 3 Person 4 Person
Price 75 70 65 60
Tour includes:

- Experienced English-speaking guide 
- Motorbike
- Personal, local licensed driver, if required (for pillion passengers) 
- International safety standard helmet 
- Saddle bags, gloves & rain ponchos, if needed
- All gas (fuel)
- Trip Insurance
- All entrance fees, tickets, transport on the tour
- Waterproof saddle-bags,helmets
- Rain gear
- And Food & Drink

Add : K6/1 Luong The Vinh St, Da Nang city, Viet Nam.
Facebook: Danang Easy Riders
Mobile: (+84) 906 700 579 Or 0906 700 579

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