About us

Dear my friends,

Welcome to my humble website. My name is Steffen. I have been a motorbike tour guide for 10 years.

Many travelers told me that although they enjoyed the motorbike trip organized by tour agencies, they were not comfortable with a fix schedule and did not have enough time to experience the culture deeply in the areas they visited. Budget is also a concern. This encouraged me to set up my own service to provide  motorbike tours. Even though I sometimes work part time for some travel agencies, I have been working on my own for 7 years.

I care for my customers  so that often times I spend time sitting and talking with them before any decisions are made. I make sure I understand clearly what they need, expect, their timeline and their budget. Then I am happy to share from my experience eit how to customize the best possible trip for their need.  I want them to get the most from the journey when they go with me. Nothing can make me happier than to give my customers a delightful and satisfactory experience.

I have been so blessed to meet and be friends with so many incredible people throughout my career. I have a worn out notebook with lovely testimonials from my travelling friends from different countries that I really treasure. I hope this website can help me to reach out to more people who love to enjoy a rich culture, flexible and affordable motorbike tour.

To the friends who have been on the back of my motorbike, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for choosing me as your tour guide in Vietnam. You are in my heart forever.