My core values

1. Honesty : This is the number one value of mine. When I say honesty, it is not only telling the truth but also sincerity, trustworthiness, fairness and  integrity. Honesty should include action. When I am honest, I mean

Explain details about the tour, what you will get and what you can't get depending on the each tour.
Transparency with the cost and advice for you to spend money wisely in Vietnam. Cheating is unacceptable !

2. Knowledge: I am continually learning and improving my knowledge about culture, history, lifestyle, people and scenery of Vietnam to serve my customer better. I want to bring them to the REAL VIETNAM, not only what they read in the book but to go deep into every corner of life here. I want to  show them all the breathtaking scenery where we can just admire the handiwork of God. I want them to feel the cool fresh fragrance of lush green rice fields, to indulge in the majestic atmosphere of the mountains , waterfalls and green jungles along legendary Hochiminh Trail. I want them to meet different people, discover the history behind their life philosophy, enjoy food and make friends. I want my customers to participate in some interesting local activities or sometimes get involved in charity work if they wish. There is so much that I want my customers to experience. I keep learning after every trip  to make the next trip better. And I speak English fluently!

3. Safety: I definitely care for my customers. I had people who said they did not have a bit of worry when they got on my motorbike. I have spent a lot of time doing research on each area I bring my customers. I  share with my customers all about the local foods, wildlife, activities and sights so that each person can choose exactly what they would like to do. I drive carefully maintaining the correct speed so that my customers can relax and enjoy the drive.